Glass Roof Conservatories


Upgrade your old Poly/Glass roof conservatory with us. Get all the modern day benefits of a new more energy efficient, clearer glass roof but keeping the look of a traditional English glass conservatory.

A Glass Roof System You Can Trust

Built To Last

The Ultraframe Glass Roof is designed to suit the geographic area in which it will be situated. The snow that accumulates on your roof will apply additional pressure to its frames and foundations, and wind can have a great impact. Ultraframes unique software calculates the most extreme wind and snow loads for your postcode and engineers your roof to withstand these conditions, which means your installation will be able to cope with changes caused by the environment. The structural integrity of the Glass Roof is achieved in part through rigorous wind testing. Wintech subjects our systems to a range of conditions to see how they will perform when exposed to certain weather conditions, such as winds of up to 130mph.

High Performance Glass

The Right Glass For Your Conservatory

NORTH OR EAST FACING North or east facing locations will tend to be shady and cool receiving little direct sunlight. Glass with high light transmission and low solar rejection is a great choice as it will allow more heat and light to enter the room and warm the space. SOUTH OR WEST FACING A south or west facing location may be in the sun for most of the day, which brings lots of bright, natural light. The heat from the sun can also mean the room becomes too bright or unpleasantly warm, unless the correct glazing is specified. We can supply glass with U-Value of just 1.0, which is three times more energy efficient than a standard glass unit